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Insights workbooks contain one or more pages you can use to organize your analysis.

Edit pages

You can access the options to edit a page using the Edit page button Edit page on the tab for the active page.

The following options are available on the menu:


Drag-N Drop You can also duplicate a page by dragging a page tab and dropping it on the New page button.

New page

Create pages

Use one of the following options to create a new page in your workbook:

  • Click the New page button New page.
  • Drag a dataset or card and drop it on the New page button New page. The dataset or card is copied onto the new page.

The Add to page pane appears when a page is created, allowing you to add the data, themes, or models that are required for your analysis.

You can create unlimited pages in an Insights workbook. If you create more pages than can fit on the toolbar, the More pages button More pages appears. Use the More pages button to browse to any page in the workbook.

View the More pages menu

Reorder pages

You can reorder your pages by dragging the page tab and dropping it in a different position.

Reorder pages


Use the following resources to learn more: