Data pane

The Insights data pane is used to organize and manage your data.

Above the data pane

The following buttons are available above the data pane:


Add Add

Add items (data, models, themes, and scripts) to your page.

Map Map

Create a map.

Chart Chart

Create a chart.

Table Table

Create a table.

Create relationships Create Relationships

Create attribute and spatial joins between datasets.

Manage datasets and fields

You can use the data pane to manage datasets and fields, including changing field and dataset aliases, changing field types, and applying dataset filters.

A search bar is available to search for fields in the datasets listed in the data pane. You can search all datasets or search in a specific dataset.

Use the following resources to learn more about datasets and fields:

Dataset options

The Dataset options button Dataset options is available for all dataset types in the data pane, as well as scripts. The button is used to display menu options, such as enabling location on the dataset, viewing the data table, and exporting or sharing the dataset. For scripts, the Dataset options menu can be used to open, run, download, share, or remove the script.

Use the following resources to learn more about the Dataset options menu:

For more information about the Dataset options menu for scripts, see Use the scripting environment.