Configure meeting rooms

Available for an ArcGIS organization licensed with the Indoors extension.

Indoor Viewer supports workspace reservation for meeting rooms. With the Viewer app, users can view meeting room schedules and filter nearby meeting rooms based on real-time availability and capacity. This allows users to quickly find available meeting rooms based on their needs and book them.


You can configure workspace reservations using the Reservations layer at the current release of ArcGIS Online and Enterprise 10.9.1 and later.

Viewer supports managing meeting room reservations using the Reservations layer in the ArcGIS Indoors Information Model.

Complete the workflows below to configure meeting rooms and enable them in the Viewer app.

Configure layers

To configure units as meeting rooms, complete the following steps:

  1. Open an Indoors project in ArcGIS Pro and activate the map prepared for Indoors mobile apps.
  2. Right-click the Units layer and click Attribute Table.
  3. Locate the RESERVATION_METHOD field.

    This field is created by the Create Indoors Database tool at ArcGIS Pro 2.9 or later. If you created an Indoors geodatabase using ArcGIS Pro 2.8 or earlier, create the RESERVATION_METHOD field and associate it with a domain by completing the following:

    1. Create a domain for the Units layer with the following configuration:




      Field Type


      Domain Type

      Coded Value domain

      Split Policy


      Merge Policy


    2. Create the following coded domain values:



      Not Reservable



    3. Right-click the Units layer and click Data Design > Fields.
    4. Create a field named RESERVATION_METHOD and set the domain to DOM_RESERVATION_METHOD.
  4. Set the value for the RESERVATION_METHOD field to Reservable for all units that you want to make available for meeting room reservations.

    For example, to configure all conference rooms as reservable, use the Select By Attributes tool and set the expression to Where Use Type is equal to Conference Room. Then, use the Calculate Field tool and set the expression to RESERVATION_METHOD = 1 to set the field value to Reservable for conference rooms.


    Check the Enforce Domain check box in the tool to enforce the domain values when updating the data.

  5. Optionally, add the capacity of each meeting room unit in the CAPACITY field.

    Adding values to this field allows you to filter meeting rooms by their capacity in Viewer.

  6. Add the Reservations feature layer and set the layer's visibility.
  7. Configure the layer's Floors property to support filtering the layer using the floor filter.

    Set the layer's LEVEL_ID field for the Floors property. You can then use the floor filter to visualize real-time occupancy of the rooms per floor for a facility.

  8. Share the web map.

    If you added the layers to an existing web map that is shared to your organization, you can save the web map without having to share it again. This allows you to preserve the web map ID, and apps configured with the existing web map will continue to work.

Enable meeting rooms in Viewer

Once the web map is shared with units configured as meeting rooms and with the Reservations layer, you can enable meeting room reservations in the Viewer app by completing the following:

  1. Create a web app for Viewer or configure an existing Viewer app.
  2. Browse to the Workspace Reservation section in the Configure App panel and enable it.

    The app automatically detects the Reservations layer in the web map and sets Reservation method to Reservations layer. If all the prerequisites are met in the web map, the Meeting rooms check box is automatically checked. If it is not checked, a list of the items missing from your web map appears when you check the Meeting Rooms check box.

  3. Click Save.

Book a meeting room

A Meeting button appears on the quick access menu for maps that have meeting room reservations configured. You can also schedule a meeting using the Add Event button. The meeting room view displays a list of available meeting rooms based on location and duration. You can filter rooms based on location, site, building, floor, capacity, and meeting duration. If you have an equipment filter configured, you can also filter meeting rooms by the equipment that is available.

When a meeting room is selected on the map, a Book button appears on the info card. Tap the button to display a schedule of meetings that are already scheduled in that room. To schedule a meeting, click an available time slot to preset the start and end times or use the Time fields to set the desired times.

If meeting rooms are configured using the Reservations layer, users must have a role of Data Editor or higher in your ArcGIS organization on Enterprise or ArcGIS Online to book a meeting room.

View a meeting room booking

If your map is configured for meeting room reservations using the Reservations layer, you can view your booked rooms on the Booked tab in the Meeting panel. You can select your reservations to open the info card and perform various actions including adding a reminder to your preferred calendar app on the device or canceling the reservation.

If your map was configured for meeting rooms using Microsoft 365, the Indoors app sends a request using the Microsoft account that the user has signed in with in Indoors. Users receive an automated email specifying whether the request was accepted or declined, and an event is added to their calendar. You can also remove the booking from your Google or Outlook calendar. This experience is similar to using Microsoft apps such as Microsoft Outlook or Microsoft Teams when reserving rooms.