Map Layers widget

The Map Layers widget displays a list of map layers and their symbols.


Use this widget to support app design requirements such as the following:

  • A common use is to configure a Map widget and a Map Layers widget in a full-screen app. Use the Map Layers widget to list the layers and allow end users to control their visibility on the map.

Usage notes

This widget requires a data source to which you can connect directly or through a Map widget in your app. You can use the Map Layers widget on a page with or without a displayed map.


The Map Layers widget includes the following settings:

  • Source—Web map or web scene data, or a Map widget in your app that displays a 2D or 3D map.
  • Options—Select from a variety of options to appear in the widget for each listed layer.

    To experiment with these options, click Live view on the builder toolbar.

    • View layer details—Open the details page for the layer.

    The following options are only available when configuring this widget to work with the Map widget:

    • Zoom to—Zoom the corresponding map to the extent of the layer.
    • Adjust layer transparency—Change the transparency, or opacity, of the layer in the corresponding map.
    • Toggle layer visibility—Turn layer visibility on or off in the corresponding map.