What's new?

The new release of ArcGIS Excalibur v1.1 includes additional search settings filters when discovering imagery, the ability to time enable your observation collection layers to view previous observations, enhancements to the create new observation layer workflow, and additional improvements throughout the application to enhance your experience working with imagery.

Search settings

The search settings help you apply filters and refine your results when searching for imagery in the imagery exploitation canvas. These search settings are based on your active search service as the metadata within this service defines which filters are available for use. If the active image service contains the supported metadata, the following search settings available are:

  • Date Range
  • Cloud Cover
  • Predicted NIIRS
  • Obliquity
  • Image Name

For more information, see Search settings.

Time enable observation layers

Observations identified from imagery contain a time element based on when that observation was collected. This time element can be utilized to filter a layer using the interactive time slider now available for all observation collection layers in an observation imagery project to display any previously collected observations.

For more information, see Editable collection layers.

Create new observation layer enhancements

During the create new observation project workflow, you can create a new observation layer, define its geometry, and customize any fields you want included in this layer. At v1.1, you can now define your layer's style based on a single symbol or by leveraging any coded value domains for unique values styling. In addition, you can now add multiple new or existing observation layers to your observation imagery project during the create new observation project workflow.

For more information, see Create a new observation layer.

Improvements to the layer list

The layer list lets you easily view and interact with layers in your imagery exploitation canvas. It is now improved to provide you with a more focused experience based on the layer types within your canvas to include imagery layers, context layers, and project layers. At v1.1, you will now have the ability to change the transparency on any context and project layers and allows you to easily toggle the visibility of the time slider for project layers.

For more information, see Access the layer list.