Training and lessons

Esri provides many resources for gaining a good understanding of the products that make up the ArcGIS platform, including Drone2Map. Whether it is a training course that teaches you how to use Drone2Map or a Learn lesson that focuses on a real-world application, these resources can be used as a guided approach to learn more about Drone2Map.

Getting Started with ArcGIS Drone2Map web course

The use of drones to capture high-resolution imagery of local areas has grown in popularity in the past few years and we have a course that will teach you how to import drone imagery for your geospatial needs. This course focuses on best practices to capture and validate your drone imagery (available with a current maintenance subscription).

For more information about this course, see Getting Started with Drone2Map for ArcGIS.

Get Started with ArcGIS Drone2Map lesson

In this Learn lesson, you'll assume the role of an overseer for an office building development in W├Ârthsee, Germany. The building's remote stakeholders want to see how the development has progressed, so you ordered a drone mission to take images of the building. The drone captured a series of images that you'll use to create a 3D representation of the building that the stakeholders can explore on their own. To accomplish this task, you'll add the drone images to a map in ArcGIS Drone2Map. Then, you'll set data processing parameters to produce a 3D textured mesh that combines the images into a 3D model. Finally, you'll publish the dataset to ArcGIS Online, where you can share it with your stakeholders.

For more information about this lesson, see Get Started with Drone2Map for ArcGIS.

Creating 3D Products Using ArcGIS Drone2Map

Drones are being widely utilized in many application areas, such as construction, transportation and inspecting infrastructure. Drones can be used to monitor soil erosion, bridge inspections, and construction safety inspections on job sites by creating 3D mapping products. This course covers several aspects of producing 3D mapping products, such as 3D colorized point clouds, 3D textured meshes, and 3D PDFs from drone imagery. You will also learn how to share these products to ArcGIS Online.

For more information about this web course, see Creating 3D Products Using Drone2Map for ArcGIS.

Estimate storage capacity with drone imagery

A water district needs to estimate the storage capacity of a stormwater retention basin. On-site measurements cost time, money, and labor, so the district captured aerial imagery with a drone to help estimate the basin's volume. In this lesson, you'll convert drone imagery into elevation layers using ArcGIS Drone2Map. Then, in ArcGIS Pro, you'll use geoprocessing tools to estimate the basin's volume, and share the results with your colleagues in ArcGIS Online.

For more information about this workshop, see Estimate storage capacity with drone imagery.

Inspect Assets Using ArcGIS Drone2Map web course

Drone imagery allows you to inspect areas that are difficult to access. This course will show you how to use the ArcGIS Drone2Map Inspection template. This template organizes the drone flight path, photos, and notes from the inspection.

For more information about this web course, see Inspect Assets Using Drone2Map for ArcGIS.