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Introduction to Deep Learning Studio

Available with Image Server

Deep Learning Studio is a web app available in ArcGIS Enterprise that allows the deep learning process to be completed in ArcGIS Enterprise by enhancing deep learning workflows through intuitive experiences. These experiences allow you to collect training samples, train models, and use inferencing tools in fully integrated workflows for deep learning analysis.

To use the full capabilities of Deep Learning Studio, ArcGIS Enterprise must be configured for raster analytics and include a configured raster data store. With the proper configuration and users with the required permissions, Deep Learning Studio can be used for an end-to-end deep learning experience.

Diagram showing the position of the Deep Learning Studio app in ArcGIS Enterprise
Deep Learning Studio is installed as part of an ArcGIS Enterprise portal and includes full capabilities with ArcGIS Image Server and a configured raster data store.

Deep Learning analysis in ArcGIS Enterprise

Deep Learning is accomplished in ArcGIS Enterprise through the use of several raster analysis tools that can be used in ArcGIS Image Server, which allows you to use statistical or machine learning classification methods to classify remote sensing imagery. Deep learning models can be integrated with ArcGIS Image Server for object detection, pixel classification, and object classification.

Deep Learning Studio is one web app, but each of the steps can be treated as individual web apps. The three steps of deep learning are presented in Deep Learning Studio each produce output that can be used in deep learning analysis within Deep Learning Studio and in other Esri applications. The three steps include:

  • Prepare training data

  • Train model

  • Run inference

Each of the steps in Deep Learning Studio provide intuitive tools to complete each step. For more information about the Deep Learning steps, review the Deep Learning documentation about the steps in the process.

Deep learning studio processing outputs

Deep Learning Studio can create different outputs based on which step is performed.

StepTraining samples layerImage chipsDeep learning packageInferencing results layer

Prepare training data



Train model


Run inference