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Update a feature

Part of collecting data includes updating information or fixing incorrect information. You can update and save features in Collector, so that your updates are visible to others. Your update can include modifying the feature's attributes and location, as well as adding and deleting photos.

Open the map

In Collector, browse to and open the Damage Assessment Survey map that you made, or that's available in trial mode. If using the map you made, sign in to the app, open the map, and continue to the next section. If you want to use the map available in trial mode, follow these steps:

  1. Install Collector for ArcGIS from the Windows Store if you don't already have it on your device.
  2. Start the app.
  3. On the initial screen, select Try Collector.

    If you already installed and logged in to the app, you can access the trial functionality by signing out. From the Menu Menu, choose your account, select the current account, and select Remove.

    The trial user's content is loaded in the app, and you're taken to the list of sample maps.

  4. In the Filter Maps text box, type Damage to filter the sample maps shown and find the Damage Assessment Survey map.
    Search trial available maps

    You may have a different thumbnail for the map; that's okay—it matches the thumbnail used on ArcGIS Online.

  5. Select the Damage Assessment Survey map card.

    The Damage Assessment Survey map opens. The extent shown reflects your current location if you enabled location services (otherwise, you see the extent at which the map was last saved).

    If location services are enabled, My Location My Location with GPS on shows a filled circle, indicating your location is displaying on the screen and that as you move, the map pans to remain centered on your location.

Select a feature and begin editing

Locate a feature on the map and begin editing it.

  1. Select the damage assessment you want to edit, and start editing it by doing one of the following:
    • If you see a list of results, select More More to the right of the feature you're updating to see a menu of the actions you can take with that feature, and select Edit.
    • If you select a feature that is isolated from the others, select Edit Edit at the bottom of the panel.

    The feature's attributes display and are editable.

    Major damage feature attributes

Update attributes

Now that you're ready to make edits, in this section, you'll update an assessment for a building from Major damage to Destroyed, because the building has collapsed since your team last collected data in the field.


If the damage assessment you're working with has a different extent of damage, that's okay. For this section, choose a different extent of damage than it had.

  1. Scroll to the bottom of the attributes and find the Extent of Damage field.
  2. Select the Extent of Damage field.

    The valid extent of damage choices display.

    Extent of damage choices

    The choices come from the data, and the data-driven form improves data quality by assisting with information entry, making it impossible to enter an invalid value.


    Enter text in the search to limit the choices displayed.

  3. Select Destroyed.

    The value in the Extent of Damage field is updated. Also, the color of the feature turns from brown to red, reflecting that Destroyed is the new Extent of Damage.

Update location

The location of a feature can also be updated. For this exercise, after marking the feature as destroyed in the last section, you notice it should have been placed one building farther west. Take the following steps to update the location of the damage assessment.


If you're working with a different feature during this exercise, select a new nearby location on your map instead of the location discussed in the steps.

  1. Pan the map so you can see the correct location for the damage assessment.
  2. While still editing the feature, select the new location to move the damage assessment.

    The damage assessment appears in the correct location on the map.

Add a photo

Attach a photo of the damage to show how it looks.

  1. Under the Attachments heading of the panel, select Camera Camera.

    The camera opens on your device.

  2. Take a photo of the damage.
  3. Select Use photo Use photo or Retake Retake until you're satisfied with the photo.

    Depending on the camera app you're using, you may see different options as you take a photo.

    Once you accept a photo, you're returned to the app, and your photo is included in the panel and ready to be added to the damage assessment.

Delete a photo

You may have noticed that the photo added in the previous section was not of a destroyed building. The photo was taken with the camera facing the wrong way! Take the following steps to delete the attachment:

  1. Long press or right-click the attachment you want to remove.

    The actions that can be taken on the photo display.

  2. Select Delete.
  3. Optionally, redo the steps for Add a photo, and include a photo that actually shows the damage.

Save your edits

Save your edits to make your changes visible to everyone using the map.

  1. Save your assessment by selecting Submit Submit.

    Messages appear to indicate changes are being submitted and applied successfully.

    You can view the updated damage assessment on the map. If you're working online, others immediately see your edits. If you're working offline, your edits are available to others once you sync them.

You should now be familiar with how to update the attributes and location of a feature, add and delete photos, and share your edits with your team.