Function layer

The function layer wizard lets you create the most generic form of an attribute layer. You can write any mathematical function by using a subset of the CGA Shape Grammar language.

Create a function layer

You can create a function layer in the following ways:

  • From the main menu, click Layer > New Map Layer...
  • From the Scene Editor, right-click New > New Map Layer....

After the New Map Layer dialog opens, click Function.

After the function type has been selected in the wizard, the function attribute layer can be created in the function dialog by entering a function which defines an arbitrary attribute. The "u" and "v" parameter correspond to normalized coordinates in the range [0..1] in x and z direction. After creation, the dimensions and the location of the layer can be edited as well (resulting in a scaling and translation of u and v accordingly).

The syntax is similar to the shape grammar and described in more detail in Editing map layer attributes.

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