taper operation


  • taper(height)


  1. height—float
    How many units to extrude.


The taper operation tapers the shape (i.e. forms a pyramid over a polygon). The first polygon of the first mesh in the geometry asset is taken and tapered along the face normal through the polygon's center of gravity. The scope orientation is set in the following way:

  • x-axis direction is kept as much as possible (old x-axis is projected to the face plane)
  • y-axis along the face normal (taper direction)
  • z-axis normal to the two above

The scope's sizes are adjusted to tightly fit the extruded geometry. If height is < 0, the scope.sy attribute will be < 0 and the taper will be downwards.

Component tags

The operation automatically applies semantic component tags to the resulting face components:



Blue: original face.

Yellow: vertical base faces.

Auto-tag taper

For more information on working with component tags, refer to:



The initial shape which is a lot (= geometry with 1 face).

Initial lot

The tapered shape.

Tapered shape