What's new in Business Analyst Enterprise

Available with Business Analyst license.

ArcGIS Business Analyst Enterprise 10.9 introduced support for Linux operating systems. Version 10.9.1 further enhances ArcGIS Business Analyst Web App with updated workflows and new sharing capabilities.

ArcGIS GeoEnrichment Server

Installation now supported on Linux

ArcGIS GeoEnrichment Server can now be installed as an extension to ArcGIS Server (Linux) and configured with a GUI mode or a console mode.

Performance improvements

Improved server stability and optimized processing of large requests. For example, enriching large study areas with many demographic variables is more stable.

Easy installation of infographic templates

Starting at 10.9.1, standard infographic templates are installed with 2022 U.S. data and do not need to be installed separately using this legacy workflow.

New command-line tools for silent installation

The GeoEnrichment Server configuration and data installation can now be automated with new command-line interface (CLI) tools.

ArcGIS Business Analyst Web App

An updated version of ArcGIS Business Analyst Web App picks up enhancements from previous releases of ArcGIS Online such as a new workflow for creating ArcGIS Dashboards. Also, the application can now be installed on Portal for ArcGIS (Linux). See this chart for Business Analyst Enterprise compatibility with ArcGIS Business Analyst Web App versions.

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