Create and publish your first briefing

You can use ArcGIS StoryMaps to create a presentation-style briefing. Briefings offer a slide-based output with a tool to securely integrate live maps and data from your organization.

Use the following steps to create and publish a briefing:

  1. Click Briefings in the website header to browse to the Briefings page.
  2. Click New briefing.

    The briefing builder opens a new untitled briefing. The briefing builder is where you can add text and content to slides consisting of titles and columns.

  3. Add a title, an optional subtitle, and a cover image or video to the first slide.

    This slide displays when you present the briefing. The title and subtitle must be plain text and fit the character limits found in the Frequently asked questions.

  4. Build the briefing with the following options:
    • Add slides to the briefing. Choose a slide layout to change how content is displayed.
    • Include images, videos, embeds, or swipe blocks.
    • Add and format narrative text.
    • Select maps to add to the briefing, or create an express map.

    Once published, you can interact directly with the slide content during your presentation.

  5. Explore the theme options in the Design panel.

    These options allow you to change the appearance of the briefing and its included elements. For more information about themes, see Set a theme.

  6. Click Preview in the briefing builder header to open the story preview and preview the briefing as your audience will see it.
  7. Return to the briefing builder to make any revisions and publish by clicking the Close preview button in the corner to close the preview.
  8. Click Publish in the briefing builder header to start the publishing process.

    In the publishing process, you select the audience for the briefing. The publisher then runs a check to ensure that the ArcGIS items in the briefing will be accessible to that audience. If any issues are detected, you are prompted to address them before the publisher finishes running. For more information about the publishing process, see Publish a story.

The briefing is published and can be shared or presented.

When viewing the published slides, use the arrows in the upper left to navigate from one slide to another. Open the table of contents by clicking the list button next to the briefing title. Click a heading in the table of contents side panel to browse directly to that slide. Close the table of contents by clicking the list button.

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