Extend apps and create custom apps

The topics listed in this Extend Apps section, include developer concepts and details to help you customize template apps, and to also create your own custom apps. These topics refer to the API's of AppStudio, ArcGIS Runtime, and Qt. Go to ArcGIS for Developers for these API references.

Extend apps

An app based on a template can be created entirely by modifying the app settings, however, you can also customize the source code of the app, using ArcGIS AppStudio to make it entirely your own.

To learn about the AppStudio source code editing environment, see What is Qt Creator?

Create custom apps

When creating apps, you don't always need to start from template. You can create your own app with ArcGIS AppStudio, piecing together components from existing apps and samples, or by writing the QML code from scratch.

To create your first custom app, see Create an app in AppStudio.

API references

When you want to go beyond configuring apps, you will use components from AppStudio, ArcGIS Runtime, and Qt. To learn more, see the following: