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Use operation views

After an author creates and prepares the operation view, the author can share it with you to use. When an operation view is shared, the author sends you a link for using the Operations Dashboard Windows app, the browser app, or both. The first time you receive and open a link for the Windows app, it will download and install Operations Dashboard for ArcGIS, prompt you to sign in to your ArcGIS organizational account, and open the operation view. After you install the app and have a saved account on your machine, any future links open the operation view directly.


If you open the operation view from your ArcGIS organizational account using Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome browsers, you are prompted to download Operations Dashboard for ArcGIS. Once you double-click to open it, you are prompted to sign in to the organization and are brought to the views that are shared with you. You can search for a view using the ID, name, owner, or other attributes.

If you open the operation view from your ArcGIS organizational account using Internet Explorer, the operation view opens in Operations Dashboard for ArcGIS.

The author has designed the operation view, including its maps, tools, and widgets. When you receive it, you are a consumer. This means that you cannot add, remove, or edit the tools or widgets in the operation view. You can, however, minimize or rearrange the windows in the operation view.

Basic navigation functionality, such as panning and zooming, is always available to you in a map. Any additional map tools depend on which items the operation view author enabled. For example, you may be able to select features, measure distances, or find places on a map if the author enabled these tools. However, because these functions may not be relevant to the subject or purpose of the operation view, the author may have chosen not to provide certain tools or widgets in the operation view. In some cases, the author may include custom tools or widgets in the operation view.

You can find out more information about an operation view from within the app. Tap or click File to view any additional descriptions or details the author has included about the operation view. Full metadata is available if you tap or click See more about this item to open a browser window.

If you no longer want the app on your machine, you can uninstall it from the operating system's list of programs and features.