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Navigate in a map

The map is often the core of the operation view. If you're using a mouse, you can zoom by rotating the wheel and pan by dragging. Touch devices support gestures for map navigation.

Depending on which tools the operation view author has enabled for a map, you may be able to use bookmarks, search for places, have the map extent follow a feature as it moves, or synchronize the extents of two maps as you navigate. If you do not see these tools, the author has not included them in the operation view, and they are not available to you.

Navigate using bookmarks

Bookmarks allow you to pan or zoom the map to the extent of an area defined in a map.

  1. On the map toolbar, tap or click Bookmarks. This displays a list of the existing bookmarks.
    List of bookmarks
  2. Tap or click the bookmark to which you want to navigate. The map's extent updates.

Find places on the map

The search box allows you to search the map for a place-name, address, coordinate location, or feature.


The author is responsible for configuring the feature search. The author can also disable the various types of searches. The hint text in the search box provides information about what you can search.

  1. In the map toolbar, tap or click the search box.
  2. Type the place-name, address, coordinate location, or feature identifier and press Enter.
  3. If a single result is found, the map is panned and zoomed to that location. If multiple results are found, a list appears so you can choose which location is correct. Tap or click a single result to pan and zoom to its location.
  4. To zoom the map to the extent of all the results in the list, tap or click Zoom to results Zoom to results.
  5. Tap or click the list Show results to display the results and choose another result.
  6. Tap or click clear Clear results to clear the search and remove the pushpin graphics from the map.

Update the map extent to follow a feature

Follow tracks a particular feature as it moves so you do not have to pan manually to keep the feature centered on the map. This allows you to monitor a feature.

  1. On the map, press and hold or right-click a feature and tap or click Follow. The feature you're following flashes as the map updates to keep it centered.
  2. To turn off following, tap or click the Follow button on the toolbar. The feature continues to flash, but it may not remain in the center of the map.
  3. Tap or click Done when you no longer want to track the feature.

Synchronize the extents of two maps

Link Map Extents synchronizes navigation between maps. As you zoom or pan, the other linked maps update to the same scale and center point. The Link Map Extents tool needs to be available and active in each map you want to synchronize.

  1. In each map you want to synchronize, tap or click Link Map Extents. Only the maps in which you activate Link Map Extents synchronize.
  2. Pan or zoom within any of the maps that are actively linked. This simultaneously updates the extent of all the currently linked maps.
  3. Tap or click Link Map Extents again for each map you want to navigate independently.