The following are some frequently asked questions that authors of operation views often have. For questions about using operation views, see Using operation views FAQs.

What is Operations Dashboard?

Operations Dashboard for ArcGIS is a configurable app for monitoring real-time data feeds for large-scale events or day-to-day operations. When working in Operations Dashboard, the item used to do work is called an operation view. Operation views can include informational displays such as widgets, map tools, and feature actions for interacting with data. Operation views can be viewed from browsers on tablets or desktops running Windows. To see sample operation views, start Operations Dashboard and choose Try It.

Operation views are stored in your ArcGIS organizational account (either ArcGIS Online or Portal for ArcGIS). You can keep this view private to you, share it among your groups, or make it public. See Create an operation view.

What can I do with Operations Dashboard?

Operations Dashboard is a completely configurable app that can be used right out of the box. It includes Esri-provided widgets, map tools, and built-in feature actions that can leverage the data in your map and external data sources to show events happening in real time, monitoring Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), and providing situational awareness.

How do I get the app?

For the desktop app, install Operations Dashboard for ArcGIS from arcgis.com. For browser, there is no download required. You simply open the link to an operation view, and it will launch in your default browser.

What are the supported platforms and system requirements?

Currently, Windows desktop and most browsers are supported. Also, Microsoft .NET 4.5 Framework or later is required for desktop use. You can install this from the Microsoft Download Center. You must have administrative privileges on your machine (desktop or tablet) to install Microsoft .NET 4.5 Framework. See system requirements for more details about supported operating systems, browsers, and languages, as well as hardware, software, and developer requirements.

Do I need to be an administrator to install Operations Dashboard?

No. A user can install the app on their machine.

Can I deploy Operations Dashboard to Portal for ArcGIS?

You can deploy Operations Dashboard for ArcGIS to your Portal for ArcGIS to allow portal members to download Operations Dashboard from the portal, and to create and use operation views.

Is it possible to install Operations Dashboard for ArcGIS on Citrix (or other virtual environment)?

Yes, Citrix and other virtual environments are supported.

How do I get started with the app?

The user interface is different depending on whether you open the operation view as an author (which requires an administrator or publisher role in your organization) or as a user (which requires a user role in your organization). See the Quick Tour for authors and Guided Tour for users for more details.

What type of services and layers are supported?

Several types of services and layers are supported in the app. See the supported data types section of the help for more information.

In the Try It views, I see that features are constantly updating and moving on the map. How can I do that with my own data?

Operations Dashboard is designed to work with data that is constantly changing. There are several ways you can connect to real-time data sources. In the Try It views, you're using the optional Geoevent Extension for ArcGIS Server. You can try the Geoevent tutorials from arcgis.com and use them in Operations Dashboard. If you don't have the Geoevent extension, you can use Python scripts to connect to and update services directly as well.

Why can't I sign in?

The following are potential issues when trying to sign in:

  • Verify that you typed your user name and password correctly.
  • Make sure your account is part of an ArcGIS organization. Operations Dashboard does not support using ArcGIS Online public accounts.
  • If your company uses a custom OAuth provider for your organization, you'll also need to specify the URL. For example, https://company.maps.arcgis.com. However, this is not common.

How do I decide between multidisplay operation view or a single display operation view?

Use multidisplay if any of the following are true:

  • Users will use the operation view in multiple screens.
  • Users want to interact with the widgets without switching between different panels.
  • The operation view will consist of multiple maps.
  • Users will not need to open the operation view in a browser.

Use single display if any of the following are true:

  • Users will use the operation view on a browser or tablet.
  • The operation view will be shared to the organization or public, and you don't want to have users install any software to view it.

Can I author an operation view in a browser?

Currently you can only author operation views in Windows desktop.

Can I use services from my own ArcGIS for Server in the app?

Yes, you can author a view that uses your services and open it in the app. See Create an operation view for details.

Can I share my view with others?

Yes, you can share operation views within groups, your organization, or publicly. See Share an operation view for more details.

Can users edit or change the layout of the widgets?

Only the author of the operation view can edit or change the layout of the operation view. Those who sign in to the app with a user account will see the operation view exactly as you configured it. They can move and expand widgets but cannot save. To get started with customizing an operation view, see Operation view configuration.

How can I see what web map is being used in my operation view?

Using the Windows app, click File > Share. Under the list of People you can share a view with, you'll find Referenced Items. Click the web map to open it directly in a browser.

Is editing possible in the Operations Dashboard for ArcGIS app?

While authors can edit the operation view, editing of the map features can only be done in the web map editor in your organization.

Can I set the colors of the bar chart to be the same as the features in my map?

There are color ramps to choose from, but you cannot use the colors from features in your map.

Are related tables supported in Operations Dashboard?

Related tables are not supported in an operation view; however, you can add the related table as a stand-alone data source. Other supported data types are listed on the Data sources in the operation view page.

Can Operations Dashboard be extended?

Yes, you can extend the built-in functionality of the app using the ArcGIS API for JavaScript or the ArcGIS Runtime SDK for WPF. You can develop your own widgets, map tools, and feature actions to include in an operation view. For more details, see Extend operation views.

Can I customize the built-in components of Operations Dashboard?

No, built-in components cannot be customized.

When trying to configure some widgets, I don't see all the fields in my layer. Why?

Widgets that provide statistical functions require that fields be integer based and not have coded value domains associated with them. Ensure that fields are integer based and do not have coded value domains.

When I try to configure my HTML widget, I don't see any text. If I'm loading custom extensions, they don't show in Operations Dashboard. Why not?

In some situations, the HTML widget or extensions may not load when a machine has dual video (graphics) cards. See this knowledge base article on how to adjust the video cards on your machine.

Data is updating in my map and I can see it when I pan the map, but the operation view is not updating. Why?

If you did not enable layer refresh for layers within your web map, you need to make sure that data sources are set to dynamic in your operation view. By default, they are set to static and the data will not update.

I'm using a virtual machine. Why doesn't my map display?

There are some known display limitations when using Operations Dashboard in a virtual environment. If you're using a VM and the map does not display, you need to turn off the accelerated display. See the knowledge base article for details on turning off the accelerated display.

When using Operations Dashboard with ArcGIS for Portal, I get a certificate mismatch warning when connecting to my portal. Why?

One of the most common reasons is when the certificate issued for a machine does not match the URL. In that case, contact the portal administrator to check the URL and certificate.

What is the licensing of the app?

Operations Dashboard for ArcGIS is available to members of ArcGIS organizations. This includes those with a subscription to ArcGIS Online or an account on Portal for ArcGIS. For more information, see Licensing Terms of Use.

Does Operations Dashboard consume ArcGIS Online credits?

Operations Dashboard consumes ArcGIS Online service credits when the operation view uses premium services. For example, if the map uses ArcGIS Online routing capabilities, or feature services and tiled map services hosted in ArcGIS Online, credits are consumed. If the map is using on-premises ArcGIS Server services, no credits are consumed.

How can I give feedback on the app?

The Operations Dashboard for ArcGIS team would love to hear from you. If you have feedback or inquiries, email Dashboard4ArcGIS@esri.com.