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Configure a chat widget

Chatting allows quick and interactive communication between operation view users. A chat can be one-on-one in a private instant message conversation or in a chat room to meet with multiple users. With both types of chats, users can send and receive map extents, feature locations, and graphics drawn on a map.

To configure a chat widget, you need to specify the title of the widget and which tools are available when interacting with messages containing feature locations. Some of the tools include zooming or panning to a feature, following a feature as it moves around the map, selecting a feature, and highlighting it.

Depending on your role in your organization, you may also need to provide chat users the necessary information to connect to a chat server used by the organization. The chat widget works with XMPP servers.


The chat widget is only available in multidisplay operation views.

  1. Click Edit, and click Edit Operation View.
  2. To create a new widget, click Widget, click Add Widget, choose the type of widget, and click OK. To update settings for an existing widget, click Settings Settings, and click Configure Configure on the widget's window.
  3. In the Title box, type a title that will be displayed in the widget's window.
  4. Check which feature action tools will be available for interacting with features that are shared through chat.
  5. Set which action occurs when tapping or clicking within the widget.
  6. Click OK to finish configuring the widget.