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What's new?

The June 2018 update includes the following new features:

  • Two new actions available when configuring an interactive dashboard: Show Pop-up and Follow Feature.
  • A new dashboard settings button on the navigation bar allows authors to:
    • Change colors for the background, borders, elements, tabs and selections
    • Change the unit prefixes used by the various dashboard elements
    • Control whether dashboard elements can be resized by end users at runtime
  • Many new icons are available for indicator and header elements
  • The label and legend text size for pie charts are now configurable
  • Serial charts now support logarithmic scaling on the value axis
  • More control over whether titles and descriptions are displayed when elements show no data
  • Dashboards can now be viewed on smartphones.

    Authors should take care to design dashboards that will work well in a reduced form factor. Limiting the number of elements displayed, judicious use of text, and taking advantage of a dashboard's ability to group and stack elements are all key considerations.


Operation views are still supported but won't be updated.