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What's new?

The next generation experience for Operations Dashboard for ArcGIS was released in December 2017. This was a major release that includes support for the following:

  • Author dashboards completely in the browser. There's no need to download and install a Windows app anymore. You can launch Operations Dashboard from your ArcGIS organization. You can also browse and manage your dashboards within your ArcGIS organizational content, or the dashboard home page.
  • Configure highly interactive dashboards composed of charts, gauges, maps, and other visual elements that communicate with each other.
  • Use better maps, with support for smart mapping, heat map renderers, vector basemaps, stream layers, and labels. You can also use Arcade expressions to enhance map labels and symbology, as well as create custom pop-up content.
  • Create sophisticated charts of various types and styles, including multi-series, combination, stacked, and 100% stacked charts. You can also match the colors in your charts with the colors of your map symbols.
  • Design powerful layouts with grouping and stacking.
  • Get revamped data visualizations with attractive and intuitive default styles, as well as additional options to customize the look and feel of your dashboard, such as custom HTML, unit prefixing, and date formatting.
  • Leverage improved date-based filtering.
  • Operation views are still supported but won't be updating.