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What's new?

The September 2018 update includes new features and improvements in many key areas. Highlights include the following:

  • A new map setting has been added to control the point zoom scale.
  • Several chart improvements have been made:
    • More control over numerical formatting for pie chart legends and label and hover text.
    • Grouped value serial charts now have a configurable maximum number of categories.
    • A new rotation setting for serial chart axis titles.
  • Improved author experience for category selectors.
  • Better support for local time zones when filtering.
  • A new option to control the list selection color has been added.
  • Dashboards now better respect actions configured by the author when the dashboard loads.
    • Tip:
      Add the None option to Category selectors as the default selection to prevent actions when the dashboard loads.


Operation views are still supported but won't be updated.