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Access Insights

There are several ways you can access Insights for ArcGIS, including from the Apps menu, through a URL, or from an Insights item.


You must be granted an Insights license to have access to Insights for ArcGIS. For more information, see Administer Insights.

Access options

You can access Insights by doing one of the following:

  • Access the Apps menu in ArcGIS Online and select Insights.
    Insights in the App menu
  • Append /apps/insights to your organizational account. For example, If you don't know the URL, contact your ArcGIS administrator.
  • Open one of the following Insights items from Content in ArcGIS Online:
    • A workbook that you created
    • A model that you created or that was shared with you

Provide your ArcGIS Online organizational account user name and password to sign in when prompted.

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