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ArcGIS Earth 1.6 introduces the new ArcGIS Earth Automation API, which provides a standard interface to communicate with ArcGIS Earth. ArcGIS Earth Automation API is based on .NET WCF NamedPipe and provides a fast and reliable way for on-machine communication with ArcGIS Earth.

Using the Automation API, you can access resources, control and script ArcGIS Earth behaviors, and integrate ArcGIS Earth with other .NET-supported applications in .NET-capable programming languages.

The following are key features of the Automation API:

  • Control camera navigation and fly behaviors, including get camera information and set camera position.
  • Perform data operations, including add data from online or local files, get loading status of the layer, and delete layers from the workspace.
  • Perform workspace operations, including import, get and clear workspace contents.
  • Take snapshots of the current view.

System requirements

ArcGIS Earth Automation API requires .NET 3.0 or later.