What is ArcGIS Survey123

ArcGIS Survey123 is a complete, form-centric solution for creating, sharing, and analyzing surveys. Use it to create forms with skip logic, defaults, and support for multiple languages. Collect data using web or mobile devices, even when disconnected from the internet. Upload data securely, and analyze results on the web or in an ArcGIS app.

Survey123 workflow

The 1-2-3 in the product name denotes the end-to-end philosophy of the product. Survey123 provides everything you need to create surveys (1), get answers (2), and analyze results (3).

Survey123 workflow

Create surveys

You can create location-aware smart forms to collect information about an event, a person, a structure, or just about anything. Surveys can contain text, audio, or images as explanatory information for the survey respondent and allow the input of the same. Child records—referred to as repeats—can be collected in a survey, or a survey can be designed to capture only the information about a single entity. Surveys can be as free-form or prescriptive as the author chooses. Questions can be hidden or visible based on previous choices, selections can be limited based on external data, and JavaScript functions can be used to automate form behavior.

Get answers

Surveys can be completed as a single activity, or the same survey can be completed multiple times. Respondents may be people from the general public or existing users of your ArcGIS organization. Respondents can capture new records or edit or append to existing records.

Analyze results

As surveys are completed, the results are available to the survey author immediately on the Survey123 website. Answers can be represented as charts that aid interpretation and help you make decisions, or as raw data for use in other ArcGIS apps. Results can also be exported as formatted reports.

Survey123 components

All Survey123 items (forms, web maps, tabular reference data, survey records) are stored in your ArcGIS Online or ArcGIS Enterprise organization. The Survey123 website is used to manage all surveys, view and analyze data, and create feature reports.

When authoring forms and collecting records, you can use the Survey123 component that suits your needs. You can author surveys in Survey123 Connect or the web designer, and complete surveys in the field app or web app.


In the Create Surveys documentation, you can switch between content for Survey123 Connect and the web designer. In the Get Answers documentation you can switch between content for the field app and web app. In many topics, the features in each are only subtly different, but in some cases, some features or whole topics may not exist in one or the other complementary component.

Survey123 components

Survey123 Connect

Survey123 Connect provides the survey author with the full XLSForm authoring experience that Survey123 supports. This allows the author full control over the design of the survey and its behavior. This authoring environment is ideal if you want to modify and reuse survey designs, manage versions of surveys, or add complex functionality. You must use Survey123 Connect to create multilingual surveys.

Web designer

The web designer provides an entry-level experience for authoring and is ideal for creating smart forms when the primary audience will use those forms in the web app. Drag and drop form design and wizard-style condition and calculation settings provide guidance to authors in creating the most common types of survey questions and behavior. The web designer's tight integration with the other elements of the Survey123 website can provide a single location for form creation and management.

Field app

The field app is suited to both online or offline form completion. Consider the field app for a single user working with many surveys on a single device or a shared device that is used by multiple users from your ArcGIS organization. The type of surveys that are used in the field app can be completed over and over to create multiple records or can require mobile workers to revisit and edit single records again and again.

Web app

The web app is suited to desktop survey completion but can also be used in the browser on mobile devices. Typically a survey is completed only once on the web and may be completed by a member of the public or someone who is signed in to your organization. The web app allows you to share surveys with a wide audience: a web link in an email or a printed QR code allows respondents to complete a survey without the need to install an app on their device.