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Open a survey

Before opening a survey, you first have to download it to your device.

  1. Start Survey123.
  2. Using the menu icon at the upper right, sign in with your ArcGIS organizational account.
  3. Select Download Surveys from the same menu.
  4. Select the survey you created previously. In this case, select the damage assessment survey from the Create your first survey exercise. Once the download is complete, select OK.
  5. Select the back arrow to return to the gallery of surveys on your device.
  6. Select the survey you just downloaded.
  7. Select Collect.

Now that your survey is open, you can complete the survey questions, as can others within your organization. Note that in the case of the survey from previous exercises, the questions can dynamically add or remove visibility of fields according to what data is provided. Fill in the details as desired; the data you provide for these exercises will not be used further. Now you're ready to submit your survey.