Open a survey

The following steps describe how to download and open a survey in the Survey123 field app. You may also have a URL or QR code that downloads and launches the survey in the Survey123 field app directly. If the survey is public, the user is not required to sign in.

  1. Start Survey123.

    If you are not already signed in, you will see the sign in screen.

  2. Either select Sign in to use your ArcGIS organizational account, or select Continue without signing in if you intend to use a public survey.
  3. In the gallery, scan a QR code to launch a survey.

    If signed in, you can also select Download Surveys to see surveys shared with you.

  4. Select a survey.

    The survey is downloaded to your device.

  5. Select the back arrow to return to the survey gallery.
  6. Select the survey you just downloaded.
  7. Select Collect.

Now that your survey is open, you can complete the survey questions and submit your survey.