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The settings sheet of the XLSForm contains options that control the presentation and behavior of your survey.

Form title

The form_title column defines the name that is displayed in the title area of your survey.


This title is not used in the gallery of surveys or on the Download Surveys menu. The title used in these locations is defined in Survey123 Connect on the General tab of the Settings page.

Form ID

The form_id column defines the name of the target layer in the feature service that will be created (or connected) to store the answers of the survey. If this column is empty, Survey123 will assume a form ID that is the same name as the XLSForm file name. If at the time of survey publishing a feature service is to be created, the name of your feature service will match the form ID. If at the time of publishing you are instead connecting your survey to an existing feature service, the layer that matches your form ID will be connected to your survey.

If your survey has repeats, the feature service will contain a feature layer and one or more related tables. In this case, form ID will refer to the parent feature layer name. The related tables are not referenced by the form ID.

When creating a survey from an existing feature service, you can use the form ID to reference a specific feature layer or table. For example, you may choose to create a survey specifically for a related table—perhaps a table of inspection records. In this case, enter the name of the table in the form_id column.


If you wish to generate a survey from a related table in a feature service, you must first generate the XLSForm from the full feature service, and then delete the questions that refer to the parent feature layer. Be sure to remove the begin repeat and end repeat rows and enter the name of the repeat in the form_id column.

Instance name

The instance_name column defines the information used to uniquely identify survey responses in the Survey123 field app. For more information, see Instance name.

Submission URL

The submission_url column defines an existing feature service where your survey responses will be submitted. This feature service must be accessible to both the owner and users of the survey to be able to send the results. For more information, see Use Survey123 with existing feature services.

Default language

The default_language column defines which language your survey will initially open to. Defining the language by locale code is recommended, although not required; however, the language needs to be defined in the same way throughout the survey. For more information, see Multiple language support.


The version column defines the name or number of the current version of your survey. This version can be referred to in a survey question using the version() function in the calculation column. This is useful when a survey is intended to be updated while in use, as described in Update surveys.


The style column defines a styling that will be applied across your whole survey. These styles require further values to be provided in the appearances column to function. For more information, see Appearance.