Instance name

ArcGIS Survey123 supports the instance_name setting in XLSForm. By using the instance_name setting, the author of the survey can control what information is used to uniquely identify every response in the lists of draft, outbox, inbox, and sent surveys.

Sent instance names

In this example, the following expression has been applied as the instance name, displaying two text field responses together with a space between them to display a unique identifier (in this case, a name).

concat (${First_Name}, " ", ${Last_Name})

Complete the following steps to set up the instance name for your survey:

  1. Create an instance_name column in the settings workbook.

  2. Enter the value for the instance name of the survey in the instance_name column.

You can use expressions to reference the values in the survey to create your instance name, for example:


format-date(${Date_Time}, '%Y-%m-%d')

concat (${Category}, "Remarks: ", ${Note})

concat (${Street_Number}, " ", ${Street_Name}, " ", ${Suburb})

You can also use calculations to create your instance name, for example:

${First_Number} + ${Second_Number}

This setting will help you uniquely identify survey submissions where there is a list of multiple surveys. This is particularly useful for people who keep collected data for later review. It's also useful when looking back at the history of submitted surveys in the Survey123 field app's sent box, or for identifying individual surveys in the field app's inbox.