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Form behavior

Startup and sign in

My link to open a Survey123 survey and populate the contents of a numerical question is not working when opened from ArcGIS Field Maps on Android using some non-English European locales.

On Android, a space within a URL will cause the URL to become truncated at that point. In locales that use a space as a thousands separator for large numbers, such as French, Swedish, German, and Danish, this can cause a failure to launch Survey123 when a large number is included in the launch URL.

Avoid this issue by disabling the thousands separator for that web map. Open the web map in ArcGIS Online, open Configure Attributes in the Configure Pop-up pane, and disable the Use 1000 Separator format option.

My link to open a Survey123 survey is not opening to a specific location with coordinates that use decimal commas.

Decimal commas are not supported by the Survey123 URL scheme's center parameter, and values passed to the app that use decimal commas will not function.

This issue can be avoided by ensuring that the center parameter passed as part of the URL scheme uses decimal points.

Form behavior

Decimal commas can't be entered on some Samsung devices.

The default numerical keyboard on some Samsung devices does not support decimal commas, causing decimal questions in locales that require decimal commas to be unable to accept a valid answer. This problem is only present on the default keyboard provided on some Samsung devices and can be avoided by using an alternate keyboard that does support decimal commas.