Change the basemap

A basemap provides a background, or visual context, for the data in a map. For example, a basemap showing streets can provide context for address data. ArcGIS includes several types of basemaps that you can use in ArcGIS for Office, including aerial imagery, terrain, streets, and topographic data.

The default basemap displayed on the map is determined by your ArcGIS administrator. You can change the basemap to one of the other provided basemaps at any time, but a basemap is required for all maps and cannot be removed. You cannot change the styling of a basemap.

To change the basemap, do the following:

  1. From the map tools, click Basemap Basemap to display the basemap gallery.

    The gallery shows thumbnails of available basemaps. Scroll up and down to browse the gallery.

  2. In the gallery, select a basemap.

    The map automatically displays the new basemap.

  3. Click Close Close when you are finished changing the basemap to close the Basemap pane and view the map.

Your ArcGIS organization administrator determines which basemaps are available in the basemap gallery.