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Personalize your home page

Analysis views help answer broad, large-scale questions about the overall health, usage, performance, and inventory of an organization's enterprise GIS implementation. Analysis views can also be used to identify specific issues and identify correlations between key data, such as related alerts and metric values. You can personalize the Home page in ArcGIS Monitor by choosing a default analysis view. Complete the following steps to choose the default analysis view for your Home page:

  1. Access Monitor, if necessary.

    The Home page appears.

  2. Click Analysis.

    The Analysis page appears with a list of analysis views.

  3. Optionally, do any or all of the following:
    • Click Sort and change the sorting method.
    • Click Filter and create a query to filter the list.
    • Click the categories on the side of the page and filter the list by the chosen category.
    • Type a keyword in the Search by analysis name or description text box to search for specific analysis views.
  4. Click More options More options for the analysis view that you want to make the default for your Home page and click Set as my home screen.

    A confirmation message appears.

  5. Click Confirm to set the chosen analysis view as the default for your Home page.

    The chosen analysis view is set as the default for your Home page.