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Components are hardware and software resources located within a network or cloud environment. When components are registered, they are monitored at regular intervals. Each component type has a unique set of metrics and observers associated with it. For example, a host component contains operating system attributes and captures hardware metrics, whereas an ArcGIS Server component captures all services within the site.

Components must be registered with ArcGIS Monitor to enable monitoring. Component registration requires a Monitor user account with the Administrator or Manager role and can be performed from the Monitoring page.

The following components can be registered with Monitor:



ArcGIS GeoEvent Server

Monitors and collects GeoEvent Server metrics.

Portal for ArcGIS

Monitors Portal for ArcGIS and collects user and item information metrics.

ArcGIS Server

Monitors and collects ArcGIS Server site and published web service metrics.


Amazon Web Services (AWS)

Monitors Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2) and Amazon Relational Database Service (RDS) resources.


SQL Server

Monitors databases in Microsoft SQL Server and collects database and geodatabase metrics.


Monitors databases in Oracle and collects database and geodatabase metrics.


Monitors databases in PostgreSQL and collects database and geodatabase metrics.



Monitors Linux hosts and collects system metrics.


Monitors Windows hosts and collects system metrics.

Once a component is registered, it can be categorized with labels and added to a collection. Alert rules and observers can also be individually configured for each component based on your organization’s needs.

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