What is ArcGIS Mission Server

ArcGIS Mission Server is the ArcGIS Enterprise server that links Manager and Responder. It is optimized for near real-time communication while simultaneously updating the system of record. Information stored in the system of record can be used outside of ArcGIS Mission in additional applications.

In detail, ArcGIS Mission Server facilitates communication by routing presence, location information, tasks, reports, messages, and more to client applications. All of these functions are accomplished through WebSocket communication in near real time.

ArcGIS Mission Server is a unique server in that it is lightweight and does not install a data store of its own, and yet writes to the system of record. Optimized for communication, it passes data between client applications with rapid efficiency.

ArcGIS Mission Server also provides an emerging developer story through it’s REST API and can be leveraged to automate and enhance your mission workflows.

For more information see, Introduction to ArcGIS Mission Server.