Create a mission

This workflow describes how to create a mission in ArcGIS Mission Manager and add details after the mission is created.

Create a mission in ArcGIS Mission Manager

A new mission creates resources that are used for situational awareness and communication. These resources can include teams who communicate with each other during the mission, a mission map to visualize and interact with the mission by providing geospatial and temporal situational awareness of the mission area and events, and more. The following steps describe how to create a mission. For additional details, see Create New Mission tab.

  1. Click the Create New Mission tab or click Create New Mission on the home screen.

    The Create a New Mission panel appears.

  2. Provide the following information:

    • Mission name (required)
    • Summary (optional)
    • Description (optional)—Additional information relevant to the mission, similar to the summary.
    • Tags (optional)—Tags allow searches in the future. You can choose tags from the drop-down list or create custom tags. Press Enter after typing a tag to save it.
    • Terms of Use (optional)—Any special restrictions, disclaimers, limitations, or conditions for use can be included here.


    Anything included here can be edited on the Mission Details page.

  3. Choose a basemap.

    A default basemap is also provided.

  4. Select the desired map extent for your mission map. You can also choose an existing web map.
  5. Click Create Mission.

    A dialog box appears with a status bar. A message indicates that the mission creation is successful. If mission creation fails, the reason is displayed on the status dialog box.

  6. Click Done.

Add mission details

The Mission Details page allows you to define and modify certain aspects of the mission, such as members, teams, the mission map, reports, and any materials you want to provide for the mission.

Overview tab

On the Overview tab, you can view information about the mission, including the following:

  • Creation date
  • Date of last modification
  • Mission owner
  • Mission ID

You also have the following options:

  • Change the information entered during the mission creation.
  • Select or edit the mission thumbnail.
  • Change the mission's status between draft, active, and complete, as necessary.
  • Open your mission and participate.
  • Delete your mission.
  • Create a mission dashboard.

You can also use the other tabs on the Mission Details page to add information to your mission.

Members tab

The Members tab allows you to add members to the current mission. The list of portal members is determined by your organization's portal.

  1. Add mission members.

    Adding a portal user to the current mission creates a mission member. This allows the member to access details, content, and materials about the mission and to actively contribute to the mission.

Teams tab

The Teams tab allows the mission owner to create, edit, and delete teams in the current mission. These teams are composed of members added to the mission on the Members tab. Mission members can be part of more than one team, or none, as teams are not required for a mission.

  1. Create the teams for your mission.

    You can create any number of teams.

  2. Add members to those teams.

    Add members to the teams you created. Members can be part of multiple teams or none at all.

Map tab

Use the Map tab to create your mission map. The map tab includes a view-only mission map to gain an understanding about the layers within the mission. Because you are the mission owner, you can also enter the mission map editor. The map editor features tools for editing and styling mission maps, such as adding reference layers or graphics to provide additional context to the mission.

Reports tab

The Reports tab displays mission reports and sensor reports, allowing mission analysts to preview existing reports or create new ones. Report details display the title, who created the report, and a preview of the report itself. Additionally, you can create a report or use a report template shared to your organization to use in your mission.

Materials tab

Mission members can provide supporting resources and information for mission members on the Materials tab. These can include pictures, PDF files, PowerPoint slides, and links to other web mapping applications such as ArcGIS Survey123 and ArcGIS QuickCapture.

Change your mission status

The mission status can only be changed on the Mission Details page. You have the options of Draft, Active, and Complete. You can change your mission status at any time. To change your mission status, see Mission status.

You are now ready to participate in a mission.