Responder capabilities

While most of the tools used in ArcGIS Mission Responder have the same or similar functions as the tools in ArcGIS Mission Manager, their uses and capabilities can be different. See Participate in a mission with Responder for more information.

The first thing you see when opening the app is the mission list. The mission list displays all the missions to which you have access. Missions are displayed with their name and thumbnail, as well as the date the mission was most recently modified. From here, you can enter a mission by tapping it.

After entering a mission from the mission list, you'll see the mission overview. Responder provides tools that allow you to view and research a mission before engaging in it. These tools are located on the following mission overview tabs:

For details about these tools, see Mission overview.

Once you tap on the mission map to engage in the mission, you begin broadcasting your location and status and can interact with other mission members. When the mission opens, you have access to additional tools. These tools include, but are not limited to, the following

For details about these tools, see Active mission.

Responder supports web-tier authentication, allowing users to log in to secure portals that have been configured for it. For more information see the documentation for ArcGIS Server Web-tier authentication.