Mission map

The mission map is the main screen for users in an active mission. The tools used during a mission are located either on or around the mission map.

The connected map is the default map for every mission. However, this map is only available in connected environments. Sections of the mission map can be made available for use in disconnected environments, as the GPS in most devices will still function. Other tools have limited functionality in those environments.

You can see the locations of other mission members, map layers or graphics, and geomessages on the mission map. These tools help you maintain your situational awareness of the mission and manage your actions.

The mission map has several built-in tools, including the following:

  • Zoom — This allows you to change the scale of the map. To change the map zoom level, place two fingers on the map and either bring them together or move them apart.
  • Member icons — These display the location of every mission member in active status. Tapping on a member icon displays the user's name, location, last reported location time, speed, course, and battery power.
  • Current Location — The current location tool allows you to view your location on the map. To locate yourself on the map when your location ping is not currently visible, tap the tool once to center your location on the map.
  • Compass — The red arrow on the compass indicates north. The compass only appears when the map has been turned so that north on the map is not oriented toward the top of the device screen. This happens when the map has been manually turned or when Dynamic Map Orientation has been turned on. Tapping on the compass reorients the map on your device screen so that north is pointed to the top of the screen. Tapping on the compass turns Dynamic Map Orientation off.
  • Dynamic Map Orientation — This orients the map based on the position of the device and user. If you are holding the device upright and in front of you, the map rotates based on the way you are facing. You can turn this on by tapping the Current Location button twice.