Set a layer refresh interval

You can specify how often a layer is updated by turning on and specifying the refresh interval for that layer. For example, if you have a layer that shows traffic flow and incidents, you can set a refresh interval so that the layer automatically reloads at the specified interval to show the most recent updates.

This feature is available only on layers added from ArcGIS. Layer refresh applies only to visible layers; if a layer is hidden, it doesn't refresh until it's visible.

To specify a layer refresh interval, do the following:

  1. Choose the layer that you want to modify: hover over the right side of the desired layer card to display its tools and click the Layer options button Layer options.
    Layer options pane
  2. Expand the Refresh interval section.

    The Refresh interval settings pane opens.

    Layer refresh interval settings
  3. Move the slider to increase or decrease the number of minutes between updates, or type a number in the Minutes field.

    Specify the refresh interval in minutes, from 6 seconds to 24 hours. For example, 6 seconds is represented as 0.1 minute; 1 day (24 hours) is represented as 1440 minutes.

  4. To immediately refresh the layer, click the Refresh button Refresh layer.

The layer will automatically refresh at the specified interval, as long as the layer is visible and displayed within the visible range.