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Configure an interactive behavior to update report objects

You can set up an interactive behavior to update report objects when report consumers select or click points or regions on the map or click the Update report objects button on a feature's pop-up window. This behavior can be configured on layers created from IBM Cognos data, feature service layers, and clustered point layers. For dynamic map service layers, this behavior can only be configured for selections and click actions on the map.

To configure a map with this behavior using Esri Maps for IBM Cognos, your report must first be configured correctly in Report Studio. To learn more about report configuration in Report Studio, see the IBM Cognos Report Studio User Guide.

To learn more about the interactive behaviors you can configure in Esri Maps for IBM Cognos, see About interactive behaviors.

  1. In Report Studio, create a new report.
  2. In your report, drag Esri Map from the Toolbox tab of the Insertable Objects pane to the report page.
  3. Create and populate a new query that will be reserved for the map and not used by any other report items.
  4. Save your report in Report Studio.
  5. Open Esri Maps Designer and browse to the report you just created. Next to the corresponding map, click Configure to open the map.
  6. In the map configuration window that appears, add data to your map. See Add IBM Cognos data to your map.
  7. When you're finished adding data, click the Show map contents button to display the Contents pane.
  8. In the Contents pane, click the arrow to the right of the layer for which you want to configure the behavior.
  9. Choose IBM Cognos interactivity.
  10. Choose Update report objects and click Add new.

    If you've already configured an interactive behavior for the layer, you'll need to click the Add button before adding and configuring the new behavior.

    To delete an interactive behavior, click the Delete button.

  11. Optionally, type a new label for the behavior in the Label box.
  12. From the Trigger drop-down menu, choose the action type (On selection, On pop-up, or On click) you want to use for the behavior.

    For dynamic map service layers, only the On selection and On click options are supported.

  13. From the Layer attribute drop-down menu, choose the attribute field you want to update.
  14. From the Query drop-down menu, choose the IBM Cognos query that has the data item corresponding to the layer field you chose.
  15. From the Data item drop-down menu, choose the report data item corresponding to the layer field you chose.
  16. Beside Report objects, check the boxes for the report objects you want to update.

    For nested objects, only the outer report objects are available.

  17. If you're configuring an on-selection interactive behavior and want the behavior to be triggered automatically when the report consumer makes a selection on the map, check the On by default check box.
  18. Click OK.

    If you want to change the behavior configuration later, choose IBM Cognos interactivity in the layer settings pane and click the Configure button beside Update report objects.