Get started with sharing

Step 1
1Share your data
Step 2
2Share your page
Step 3
3Share your analysis
Step 4
4Share your workbook

Get started with sharing content inside and outside your organization.


Data and workbooks cannot be shared in Insights desktop.

1. Share your data

Whenever you share content from ArcGIS Insights, you should always start by sharing your data. Sharing your data is a way to give other users access to your results and set up your other content, such as pages and workbooks, to be shared as well. When you share your result datasets from Insights, you create a new feature service that is available to use in Insights or your organization.

2. Share your page

It's easy to share your results with others using shared pages. You can change your map style; create linked maps, charts, and tables; add descriptions; and then share your pages to be viewed by other members of your organization. A shared page can be viewed by all members of your organization, even if they do not have an Insights license. You can also embed the page in a web page or story map, where it can be viewed by members of the public.

3. Share your analysis

As you work in Insights, all of the steps in your analysis are recorded in a model. The model can be shared, making it easy to rerun your analysis or give other users access to your workflow. You can add a model to a page and update the datasets being referenced to either rerun the exact analysis, or rerun the analysis with different datasets.

4. Share your workbook

If you want to share your data, pages, and analysis all together, the best way to do it is by sharing your workbook. A shared workbook can be opened in a view-only mode or copied and opened with full editing privileges.