Set up ArcGIS GeoBIM

There are a few steps that should be undertaken by a member of your team with information technology experience including setting up web integrations with Autodesk BIM 360.

The following are the key steps:

  1. Connect ArcGIS GeoBIM to Autodesk BIM 360/Autodesk Construction Cloud.
  2. Create an ArcGIS account.
  3. Enable ArcGIS GeoBIM for your organization.

Connect ArcGIS GeoBIM to Autodesk BIM 360/Autodesk Construction Cloud

Follow these steps to connect GeoBIM to BIM 360 or ACC.

  1. Sign in to BIM 360 or Autodesk Construction Cloud as an Account Administrator.
  2. From the Module Selector, select the Account Admin.
  3. Click the Apps tab.
  4. Choose the thumbnail image for ArcGIS GeoBIM on the Featured Apps page.
  5. Click the Add to BIM 360 or Install button on the ArcGIS GeoBIM app page.
  6. Click the Authorize button in the popup window.

    Repeat steps 4 through 6 to connect ArcGIS Pro to BIM 360 or Autodesk Construction Cloud as it is also used for some GeoBIM workflows.

    You have now connected ArcGIS GeoBIM to BIM 360.

Create an ArcGIS account

If you do not have an ArcGIS Online account, you can create one by purchasing a subscription.

Enable GeoBIM for your organization

To enable GeoBIM for your organization, an authorized user with ArcGIS Online administrator privileges must assign ArcGIS GeoBIM user type extension licenses to designated users.

  1. Sign in to your ArcGIS Online account and click the Organization tab.
  2. Click the Licenses tab, and under User Type Extensions, find the ArcGIS GeoBIM license.
  3. Click Manage to assign users within your organization.

    Once the user type extension is enabled, the ArcGIS GeoBIM app appears in the app launcher on the ArcGIS Online home page for your organization.


    If a user is assigned a GIS Professional Standard or GIS Professional Advanced user type, these include the GeoBIM User Type Extension as part of these user types and is not needed to have the extension added.

    If you (as the administrator) do not see the ArcGIS GeoBIM User Type Extension, it may not be enabled for your ArcGIS Online organization. Contact your account manager to enable it.

After completing these steps, you are ready to create an ArcGIS GeoBIM project.