Save, preview, and publish

In Experience Builder, experiences are created in a private builder environment. When you save changes, the experience is saved in a draft status. These draft experiences are only visible to the author and others with administrative privileges in your organization. Publishing is the process that moves experiences from draft status to published status and enables sharing your apps to a broader audience.

Use tools on the builder toolbar to experiment, refine, save, and preview your app to test the end-user experience before you publish and share it.


Preview is for the full app, so it always opens to the Home page. If you just want to preview a specific page, you can temporarily change it to the Home page on the Page panel, click Save, and then preview. (Preview only includes saved changes.)

The toolbar at the top of the builder window includes the following options for testing and finalizing your app:

  • Change the name of the experience item.
  • Lock the layout to avoid unexpectedly changing a widgets size or position.
  • Test interactive widgets in live view.
  • View the app in multiple screen sizes to confirm or refine the layout.
  • Undo or redo your last actions.
  • Save changes, preview the app to test all saved configurations, and publish and share your web experience.
  • Create a new experience and generate a template.

Once you publish and share your app, Experience Builder allows you to edit and test app updates without affecting the user experience in the live app. With the Draft, Published, and Unpublished changes statuses for web experiences, you can modify a published app, previewing and testing your changes, while users continue to access the live version. When you've made changes to a published experience, after clicking Save, an Unpublished changes badge appears in the builder's toolbar. To move changes from your latest updates, publish the experience again.