What's new?

The new release of ArcGIS Excalibur includes enhancements to the project details, a Create Report tool, enhanced project workflows, WMS URLs, and the option to publish hosted imagery.

Project details

When you view the imagery projects list, you can now see additional details about each project to gain a greater understanding about the project. Aside from details in which a user could already view such as project type, project summary, project owner, and date created, users add observation layers to their base imagery project and turn it into an observation imagery project. You can also view addition layer information.

For more information, see Project details.

Create Report tool

In the new Tools menu, a new export tool called Create Report is available for use. The Create Report tool allows you to disseminate key information about a specific area of your imagery through a Microsoft PowerPoint presentation.

For more information, see Create Report tool.

Enhanced imagery project workflows

The experience to create imagery projects has been streamlined in the Catalog and Canvas views where you can save your work as an imagery project and define details about your project such as a name and set of instructions informing users on what they need to accomplish. Once a project has been created, any observation layers can be added to it through the Imagery Project Details. Additional capabilities such as utilizing an existing web map containing geospatial reference or context layers can also be added to your project providing value to analysts leveraging your project.

For more information, see Create a new imagery project.

Save mark up to a project

You can save mark up in an imagery project as a feature collection stored with your project. The mark up on your project is cloned in both the Map Focus Panel and Image Focus Panel to provide you with a frame of reference in each view. Your mark up will not disappear if you close your imagery project

Use WMS services

ArcGIS Excalibur supports WMS URLs so you can view and work with online imagery services. This is done by connecting through an imagery web service URL. For more information, see Validate the WMS service URL.

Publish hosted imagery

Hosted imagery layers are dynamic image services that run on ArcGIS Image Server sites your portal administrator has federated with the portal. This makes it easy to manage, publish and share imagery with your organization and for your analysis.

For more information, see Publish hosted imagery.