ArcGIS Online legacy demographic maps

A set of cached demographic maps on ArcGIS Online are no longer updated. These legacy maps are in mature support; they will be retired in June 2021. In place of these maps, a new set of demographic and lifestyle maps are available from Esri on ArcGIS Online. These new maps replace the retiring cached demographic layers.

Retiring cached demographic layers

For more information about the cached demographic layers, see the ArcGIS Online section in the Esri Product Lifecycle Support Policy. The Product Lifecycle Support Policy is used to communicate to Esri users when ArcGIS Online services are no longer updated or are retired. This information can help you develop your product strategies, including migration and transition, with the knowledge and understanding of the life cycle plans.

The following layers will be retired:

  • USA_1990-2000_Population_Change
  • USA_2000-2010_Population_Change
  • USA_Average_Household_Size
  • USA_Diversity_Index
  • USA_Labor_Force_Participation_Rate
  • USA_Median_Age
  • USA_Median_Home_Value
  • USA_Median_Household_Income
  • USA_Median_Net_Worth
  • USA_Owner_Occupied_Housing
  • USA_Percent_Over_64
  • USA_Percent_Under_18
  • USA_Population_by_Sex
  • USA_Population_Density
  • USA_Projected_Population_Change
  • USA_Recent_Population_Change
  • USA_Retail_Spending_Potential
  • USA_Social_Vulnerability_Index
  • USA_Tapestry
  • USA_Unemployment_Rate

New demographic and lifestyle maps

Replacing the retiring layers is a new set of current demographic and lifestyle maps published by Esri (listed below) that are available as part of an ArcGIS Online subscription. These maps use the Esri Updated Demographics database.

  • USA Average Household Size
  • USA Diversity Index
  • USA Unemployment Rate
  • USA Median Age
  • USA Median Home Value
  • USA Median Household Income
  • USA Population Density
  • USA Population Annual Growth Rate
  • USA Retail Goods Spending
  • USA Per Capita Income
  • USA Median Disposable Income
  • USA Meals at Restaurants/Other
  • USA Health Insurance Spending
  • USA Health Care Spending
  • USA Food Away from Home
  • USA Food at Home: Fruits and Vegetables
  • USA Average Household Income
  • USA Alcoholic Beverages Spending

You can view these layers in the Demographics and Lifestyle group. You must have an ArcGIS Online subscription and be signed in to view the maps in Map Viewer Classic. The maps are available to organizational accounts for use in Map Viewer Classic as well as in ArcGIS for Excel. Use of the map services consumes credits based on the number of map and query requests.

The group contains preauthored map layers (for example, map services) that can be added to your maps as well as finished maps (for example, web maps) that can be used as is or as the foundation for adding your map notes and layers. The preauthored maps are configurable and provide access to hundreds of measures about the demographics and lifestyles of people and consumers down to a local neighborhood level.

The Esri U.S. Updated Demographic data includes population, age, income, sex, race, home value, marital status, and educational attainment. Each year, the Data Development team uses its proven methodologies to update more than 2,000 demographic variables for a variety of U.S. geographies down to the block group level. See Esri Updated Demographics for more information.