Install ArcGIS Drone2Map silently

Install ArcGIS Drone2Map silently using command line parameters

Drone2Map can be installed without a user interface (UI) by running the setup using Windows Installer command line parameters.

ArcGIS Drone2Map installation command line parameters

The following are the command line parameters that can be used when running Drone2Map.msi. Use these with the MSI command line options as needed. The parameters are case sensitive and should be used as defined below.


The ArcGIS Drone2Map installation location. If not specified, the default installation location is %System Drive%\Program Files\ArcGIS\Drone2Map for a per-machine installation, and %System Drive%\%USERPROFILE%\AppData\Local\Programs\ArcGIS\Drone2Map for a per-user instance (see the ALLUSERS property).


Defines the installation context of the Drone2Map setup, where ALLUSERS=1 specifies a per-machine install and ALLUSERS=2 is a per-user instance. If this parameter is not specified, the installation defaults to per user.

If a user without administrative privileges attempts to set ALLUSERS=1, the installation fails.


Specifies whether to enable participation in the Esri User Experience Improvement program. The default value is 1, which enables participation. To opt out of participation, specify ENABLEEUEI=0.


ArcGIS Drone2Map uses the Named User or Single Use license model; specify NAMED_USER or SINGLE_USE for the authorization type.


During a silent, per-machine installation of ArcGIS Drone2Map, if the authorization type is defined, this is set to True under HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Esri\Drone2Map\Licensing. When LOCK_AUTH_SETTINGS is True, the licensing settings in the registry apply to all Drone2Map users on that machine; an individual user cannot make changes. To allow ArcGIS Drone2Map users on the machine to define their own authorization settings through the Drone2Map application, set LOCK_AUTH_SETTINGS to False. This property does not apply to a per-user installation.


Specifies whether a connection to should be available from the Portals page. To include the connection, set this property to TRUE. If set to FALSE, the connection will not appear on the Portals page.


To add one or more portal connections to the Portals page, set Portal_List = <portalURL1>; <portalURL2>. Use semicolons to separate portal URLs.

If ArcGIS_Connection is set to False, this property cannot contain

If your portal supports HTTPS, it is recommended that the Portal_List URLs use HTTPS.


To specify the URL of the Named User licensing portal, set License_URL = <portalURL>.

If ArcGIS_Connection is set to False, License_URL cannot contain To use this property, AUTHORIZATION_TYPE must be set to NAMED_USER.


This property is required to accept the End User License Agreement during a silent installation. Specify ACCEPTEULA=yes to agree to the EULA and install the software. The software will not install if you specify no or omit this property.