Use the Catalog pane

When you create or open a project, one of the first panes you see is the Catalog pane. The Catalog pane allows you to access all items associated with a specific project in one place, whether they are available from a local or network computer, ArcGIS Online, or an ArcGIS Enterprise portal.

In the Catalog pane, you can do the following:

  • Discover GIS content on local networks or your organization's portal.
  • Browse and search for layers to add to a map.
  • Connect to databases and servers.
  • Favorite frequently used folders, databases, and server connections.
  • Manage items in your project.

The first time you browse to a location, the contents list accurately reflects the items present. If its contents are changed outside Drone2Map or by someone else, you must refresh the location's content to see that change. For example, press F5 to update the list.

The Catalog pane has tabs across the top that provide access to collections of items.

The Project tab provides access to the collection of items in your project; it's selected by default. The Portal tab provides access to collections of online content available from the active portal that you have permission to use. The Favorites tab allows you to collect frequently used folder, database, and server connections, and add them to your project. The History tab provides access to the geoprocessing history and raster function history for the project.

In the Catalog pane, you can do the following:

  • List all items in many containers at once.
  • Search for items by typing keywords in the Search box and pressing Enter.
  • Hover over an item and a pop-up appears, showing its location, title, thumbnail, tags, and modification date if pop-ups are enabled and these details are available.
  • Ctrl+click or Shift+click many items to select them all, and add them all to a map at once, for example.

The Catalog pane docks in the Drone2Map application, providing access to items in your project and the active portal while you work. After browsing or searching for content, you can drag layers onto maps.

Reopen the Catalog pane

The Catalog pane is usually available when you create or open a project. Once closed, you can open it again by doing the following:

  1. Click the Home tab on the ribbon.
  2. In the Layers group, click Catalog.