2D and 3D maps

Drone2Map allows you to create and view 2D and 3D products in Drone2Map. Use the Options Options on the Home tab, in the Processing group, to choose which 2D and 3D products to create, then use the different map views to display your high-resolution 2D and 3D products.

2D Map

The 2D Map view is ideal for working with orthomosaics and digital surface models and is the default view for projects. 3D layers, such as LAS files added to this map, are meant for analysis.

3D Map

The 3D Map view is ideal for visualizing your flight data in 3D as well as viewing products such as SLPK Point Clouds and 3D Textured Meshes from multiple angles.

For information on navigating in 2D and 3D, see Navigation.

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