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What's new

The release of Collector 20.1.0 on iPad and iPhone is an exciting one, bringing commonly requested functional improvements, including the following:

In addition, the release brings a number of enhancements and bug fixes.


If you're looking for what's new in Collector Classic, see What's new. If you're looking for what's new in previous releases, see Archived what's new.


When using the map to provide the location of an asset during data collection, mobile workers can snap to existing points—either single places or a point that is part of a line or polygon. This allows them to make sure that your assets and observations that share locations are correctly captured.

By default, snapping is enabled. You can turn it off. For details, see Snap to existing locations.

Snap to existing features

Bulk form updates

Update a form entry for multiple assets or observations at the same time. For example, if mobile workers are performing inspections and need to mark multiple hydrants as having passed inspection, they can select all of them and update all their form entries tracking inspection at once. For details, see Update the forms of multiple existing assets.

Update multiple forms at a time

Recent values

Easily reuse field entries between forms, minimizing repetitive data entry tasks. When mobile workers go to another form after completing one, they can select from their recent entries to populate the new form. For details, see Reuse recent values.

Recent values

Scan portal URL

Make it easier for mobile workers to enter the portal URL by providing a barcode or QR code that they can scan to start signing in. For details, see Sign in.

Tracks from Tracker

Mobile workers can view their tracks from Tracker for ArcGIS even before they are uploaded to your organization. Collector can now access and display the tracks stored locally on the device, allowing a mobile worker to see where they've been throughout their data collection, allowing them to make sure they covered the required areas. For details, see Is location tracking supported in Collector?.

View tracks from Tracker

Various bug fixes and improvements

This release also includes various bug fixes and improvements, including the following:

  • Updated the look and feel of the app to take advantage of the available screen space on iPhone X or later, as well as the clean icons and menus in iOS 13.
  • Lists of assets and observations tapped on the map are grouped into sections by layer.
  • Layers and Legend are now separate, and Layers Layers is available from the main toolbar.
  • The customizable field guide template has been updated with the changes to Layers and Legend, along with how to enable logging.
  • Dual XGPS160 and Juniper Systems Geode receivers are now supported.
  • Use a magnifier to drop a pin by long pressing on the map.
  • Information about past editing of an asset or observation only displays if the pop-up is configured to include it.
  • The Imagery Hybrid basemap now renders correctly when taken offline in newer maps.
  • BUG-000119720
  • BUG-000119842
  • BUG-000120942
  • BUG-000121419
  • BUG-000121739
  • BUG-000122051
  • BUG-000123493
  • BUG-000123963
  • BUG-000126956
  • BUG-000127285