Fill out forms

Fill out the form for each asset, observation, and inspection done in the field. In addition to manual entry of values, mobile workers can do the following to simplify data entry:

While filling out the form, mobile workers must provide required information as well as resolve any validation errors. The Submit button Submit is disabled until all required entries (marked by an asterisk after the label) are populated. It is also disabled as long as there are validation errors (marked by red messages near the invalid entry in the form).

Attach photos and videos

Mobile workers can attach photos and videos to provide additional information to assets, observations, and inspections. Near the top of the form, tap Take photo to take and attach a photo, or tap Attach to attach an existing photo or video or to record and attach a video.

By default, photos taken in Collector are large (980x1280). You can specify that the app will instead use small (240x320), medium (480x640), extra large (1126x1500), or actual size images. The actual size depends on the device with which the photo is taken.

If you're attaching a photo that is already smaller than the requested size, the photo's actual size is used. If you're attaching a photo with a different aspect ratio, it is resized to fit within the bounds of the requested size but maintains its aspect ratio.

Specify the photo size in the app settings.

Once an item is attached but while you're still editing, you can view an attachment to rename it.


For mobile workers to be able to attach files, your layers must allow attachments. For a hosted feature layer, edit the feature layer's details page (see Allow attachments in ArcGIS Online or Allow attachments in ArcGIS Enterprise). For an ArcGIS Server feature service, enable attachments on the feature class and republish your service (see Enable attachments in ArcGIS Pro).

Scan barcodes and QR codes

If your assets have barcodes or QR codes, scan the barcode or QR code with Collector and populate one or more entries based on the scan. In Collector, all text and numeric entries contain an option for scanning a barcode or QR code. When your mobile worker chooses Scan barcode or QR code Scan barcode or QR code, the device's camera app opens and reads the barcode or QR code. The information it contains populates the entry selected when the scan is done.


Collector supports the barcode and QR code formats supported by the operating system. For Android support, see Barcode API Overview.

Scan barcode or QR code

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