Segment and sidewalk parameters

When segment shapes are selected, you manage segment parameters under Segment Parameters in the Inspector. These parameters define the generated shapes.

Street Parameters
Segment Parameters

Parameters (attributes) can be mapped to Default, User, Object or to a map layer. See Mapping Attributes for details.

Segment parameters

The following parameters are available for the user to control the resulting street shapes:

Segment Width (attr streetWidth)

Defines the width of the main street shape.

Segment Offset (attr streetOffset)

Defines the distance the geometry will be offset from the center line.

Lane Width (attr laneWidth)

Determines the width of lanes used for UV texture mapping of streets.

Left Sidewalk Width (attr sidewalkWidthLeft)

Defines the width of the left sidewalk, see Sidewalk parameters

Right Sidewalk Width (attr sidewalkWidthRight)

Defines the width of the right sidewalk.

Precision (attr precision)

Graph nodes are interpolated using Bezier splines, resulting in curved streets. This parameter defines the spline sampling precision, i.e. 0 leads to a minimal and 1 to a maximal number of spline sampling points.

Create Shape (attr shapeCreation)

Enable/disable the shape geometry creation from the segment.


Street widths are given in absolute length units, precision is given in a normalized [0, 1] range.

Auto-generated connection attributes

Connection attributes provide basic information about the underlying graph and give context information. CGA rules may want to access the following attributes.

A street shape selected in the viewport
A street shape selected in the Viewport
Street shape attributes
Street shape attributes in the Inspector


Hints as to the adjacent geometry at the start or end of a street segment shape. Values include: STREET, CROSSING, JUNCTION, JUNCTION_ENTRY, DEAD_END, FREEWAY, FREEWAY_ENTRY and ROUNDABOUT



The shapeType is set to one of the following:

  • Street- Street shape
  • Sidewalk- Sidewalk shape


Connection attributes are object attributes of the graph segment and are inherited to the shape.

Sidewalk parameters

When sidewalk shapes are selected, you can manage parameters under Sidewalk Parameters in the Inspector. See Segment parameters for descriptions.

Sidewalk parameters

Sidewalk parameters

Under Object Attributes, the shapeType attribute is set to Sidewalk and the new sidewalkSide object attribute is added:

Sidewalk attributes


Which side of the street this Sidewalk shape is on, relative to the street direction: either Left or Right. SidewalkSide is only added to sidewalk shapes.