assetInfo function


  • float assetInfo(filePath, attribute)


  1. filePathstring
    Path to asset. See Asset Search for information about search locations.
  2. attributeselector
    { sx | sy | sz | tx | ty | tz }—Specifies asset dimension or translation.


Returns asset sizes or translation.


The assetInfo function returns the sizes or translations of the asset defined in the filePath, depending on the specified attribute selector.



  • The translation values are calculated by the CityEngine based on the corner of the asset's bounding box, by using the corner with the lowest possible x, y and z coordinates (XYZmin).
  • Any specific 3d transformations (in this example maya's translations X = 0.6, Y = 0.7, Z = 0.8) are not to be confused accidentally with the translations the CityEngine computes.

Maya asset scaled unit cube
print(assetInfo("assets/unitCube.obj", sx))
print(assetInfo("assets/unitCube.obj", sy))
print(assetInfo("assets/unitCube.obj", sz))
print(assetInfo("assets/unitCube.obj", tx))
print(assetInfo("assets/unitCube.obj", ty))
print(assetInfo("assets/unitCube.obj", tz))
# results =
# 0.2
# 0.3
# 0.4
# 0.5
# 0.55
# 0.6

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