Configure Recreation Outreach

In this topic, you will learn how to configure the Recreation Outreach solution to meet specific needs in your organization.

Load data

Recreation Outreach can be used to increase participation in outdoor activities and understand recreation license trends. In some cases, you may have this information in ArcGIS or another business system already.

The Recreation Outreach solution includes five locator apps to share outdoor resources with the public: the Water Resource Locator, the Wildlife Resource Locator, the Trails Locator, the Parks Locator, and the Recreation License Locator. Each of these locator apps has a corresponding feature layer that needs to populated with data for the apps to function.

Review the layers provided with the solution and determine what source data you would like to load. Then, load your existing data into the layers provided with the ArcGIS Solution before sharing the maps or apps.

Once you have determined what source data must be loaded, complete one, or more, of the data loading workflows below.

Load data from a shapefile or file geodatabase

Data for LicenseLocations, ParkRecreationFacilities, Trails, WildlifeResources, and WaterResources can be loaded from a shapefile or file geodatabase by following the steps below:

  1. Create a .zip file of your shapefile or file geodatabase.
  2. In your ArcGIS organization, browse to the feature layer you wish to populate.
  3. On the feature layer item details page, Click Update Data and select Append Data to Layer.
  4. Under Filename, click Choose File.
  5. Navigate to your .zip file and click Open.
  6. Under Contents, select Shapefile or File Geodatabase.
  7. Click Upload and Continue.
  8. Choose the layer that you wish to load data into and the layer that contains the updated data.
  9. Uncheck Update existing features.
  10. Click Show field matching and map the fields between the two layers.
  11. Click Apply Updates.

To make additional updates to a hosted feature layer, see Append data to layers.

Load existing historic license data

The Recreation Outreach solution includes a dashboard to help you understand license sales trends. An ArcGIS Pro project is also included and has simple tasks to guide you through creating your license categories, simplifying your data, and loading it into the dashboard. Before using your data in the Recreation License Management tasks, familiarize yourself with the tasks.

To review the Recreation License project, complete the following steps:

  1. Start ArcGIS Pro and open the project package from the active portal.
  2. On the View tab, in the Windows group, click Catalog, and click Catalog Pane.
  3. In the Catalog pane, expand Tasks and double-click on the License Management task.
  4. Begin using the License Management tasks with your own data.

Configure Recreation Outreach

The Recreation Outreach solution requires small modifications to localize it for your use. The following sections describe how to configure Recreation Outreach for your organization.

Update the location choice dropdowns in the surveys

The Recreation Outreach solution includes three surveys to gauge public opinion and gather feedback on outdoor recreation use. The Angler Catch Survey, the Hunting Harvest Survey, and the Boating Experience Survey. These surveys require slight modification to localize them for your use.

To update the list of locations in each survey, complete the following steps:

  1. Download and install Survey123 Connect.
  2. Start Survey123 Connect and sign in to your ArcGIS organization.
  3. Click on any of the surveys (Angler Catch Survey, Boating Experience Survey, Hunter Harvest Survey) to download the survey.
  4. Click on the survey again to open the survey.
  5. On the left panel, click the XLSForm button. A Microsoft Excel spreadsheet will open.
  6. In the Microsoft Excel spreadsheet, click on the choices tab. This tab comprises all the selectable options for survey questions.
  7. In the choice list, find the placeholder choices (“Choice 1,” “Choice 2,” etc) and replace with your own values.
  8. Save the Microsoft Excel spreadsheet and preview your changes in the Form Preview tab of Survey123 Connect.
  9. In Survey123 Connect, click Publish in the left panel to publish your changes.

Update ArcGIS Hub initiative

The Recreation Outreach solution includes an ArcGIS Hub initiative to easily share information about outdoor recreation with the public. This ArcGIS Hub initiative requires slight modification to be localized for your use.

  1. Sign into your ArcGIS Online organization.
  2. Navigate to the Outdoor Recreation ArcGIS Hub site in the Recreation Outreach folder.
  3. From the Item Details page, click Configure App.
  4. Select the Configuring this Site page and follow the instructions listed there to localize your site.
  5. Publish your updated Outdoor Recreation ArcGIS Hub site and share publicly.