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Mit der Business Analyst-Lizenz verfügbar.

This section outlines the software and data components and prerequisites required to install ArcGIS GeoEnrichment Server.

Business Analyst Enterprise requires a multiple-machine deployment with a complete ArcGIS Enterprise base deployment and one additional federated ArcGIS Server site dedicated for GeoEnrichment Server. The requirements in this topic are specific to ArcGIS GeoEnrichment Server, which should be installed on an ArcGIS Server site separate from the hosting server's site. The ArcGIS Server site with ArcGIS GeoEnrichment Server must be federated to Portal for ArcGIS.

For system requirements on the ArcGIS Enterprise base deployment, refer to the Base ArcGIS Enterprise deployment topic. For more information on how to install ArcGIS Server, refer to the ArcGIS Server installation guide.


  • Before installing ArcGIS GeoEnrichment Server, check that ArcGIS Enterprise and the additional federated server are installed and functioning. Make sure that you are able sign in to Portal for ArcGIS. Also make sure that you can access ArcGIS Server Manager on each machine.
  • The GeoEnrichment Server setup assumes that the Web GIS Server infrastructure is already in place. The post-installation wizards require the server to be federated to run.

GeoEnrichment Server as a federated server uses Portal for ArcGIS Security. Access to the service is controlled by the sharing capabilities in Portal for ArcGIS. By default, the service is shared with the organization and the sharing must be updated by the portal administrator if changes are needed. For more information on sharing items in Portal for ArcGIS, see Share items.

Supported platforms

Business Analyst Enterprise is supported on all Windows and Linux versions supported by ArcGIS Enterprise.

For the full list of supported versions, refer to the ArcGIS Server system requirements.

Hardware requirements

For optimal performance, ArcGIS GeoEnrichment Server should be installed on a machine with 32 GB of RAM or more. These requirements are based on a standard installation:

  • GeoEnrichment Service
  • Reporting Tools Service
  • Demographic Feature Services (color-coded maps and smart mapping)

For a production environment, minimum hardware requirements may vary and should be scaled based on the amount of usage and number of data vintages installed. If multiple years of USA data are installed, it will increase memory usage. If helper services for geocoding and routing are published alongside the GeoEnrichment Server on the server site, it will also increase memory usage. At least 32 GB of RAM is highly recommended.

For further guidance, see the system requirements for ArcGIS Enterprise Builder and ArcGIS Server.

Disk space requirements

Business Analyst Enterprise is powered by large datasets known as data packs, which are downloaded from My Esri. For the USA data pack, you will need 200 GB of free space on the disk where these files will be installed.

It is important to have enough available disk space for staging the files as well as installing the data. During the data installation, files are extracted to the default temporary location to prepare them to be uploaded to the database. If the data installation wizard detects that there is not enough space in the default temporary location, there will be a prompt to change the folder. For best results, the recommended available disk space exceeds the size of the installed data. See the table below for best practices.

Data packInstalled sizeRecommended available storage

USA 2021 R1

85 GB

200 GB

USA 2022 R1

85 GB

200 GB

USA 2023 R1

85 GB

200 GB

Software requirements

The following software must be installed before installing ArcGIS GeoEnrichment Server:


.NET 6.0

.NET Desktop Runtime 6.0.3 or later