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Live traffic data

ArcGIS StreetMap Premium users have the option to access a live traffic feed through the ArcGIS Online World Traffic Service. Using a live traffic service with ArcGIS StreetMap Premium allows you access to high-quality live traffic data that can improve the results of Network Analyst functions such as routing. Live traffic as a service is available for an additional fee as part of the ArcGIS StreetMap Premium product. Esri Customer Service will provide access to the ArcGIS Online World Traffic Service through your ArcGIS Online account after purchase.

An ArcGIS StreetMap Premium Live Traffic license and the Дополнительный модуль ArcGIS Network Analyst are required to access the live traffic feed.

To configure live traffic, see the Use live traffic from the ArcGIS Online World Traffic Service with ArcGIS StreetMap Premium topic in the ArcGIS Pro help. Live traffic may be configured for ArcGIS Desktop as well as ArcGIS Enterprise use. To configure live traffic as a utility service for your organization, see the Traffic Data section under About utility services in the Portal for ArcGIS help on the ArcGIS Enterprise website.