Installing Business Analyst Web App

Disponible avec une licence Business Analyst.

The setup process installs the necessary files to your machine so you can work with Business Analyst Web App on-premises. The setup must be run on the machine with ArcGIS Enterprise Portal.

  1. On the My Esri site, browse to My Organizations > Products > Downloads.
  2. Click View Downloads for Business Analyst 11.1, and click Download for Business Analyst Web App.

    The Esri Download Manager web page appears.

  3. Click Download to download your file now.

    The Destination Folder for Files dialog box appears.

  4. Keep the default location or click Browse to choose a different location to extract the files. Click OK.
  5. Run the setup installer from the destination folder to install Business Analyst Web App.

Silently installing Business Analyst Web App

To Install Business Analyst Web App in silent mode, open a command line console and perform the following:

  1. Navigate to the directory where Business Analyst Web App install is stored.
  2. Run the following command:
  3. Esri_Business_Analyst_Web_App_1051_157340.exe /s /v /qn

Update redirect URIs

Add the redirectURIs for your domain as such:

  • While still signed into the portal administrator directory update the app info by clicking Security > OAuth > Update App Info

  • {"appId":"busanalystonline_2","redirectURIs":["https://*","http://*","http://*","https://*","urn:ietf:wg:oauth:2.0:oob"]}
  • Click Update App

Accessing Business Analyst Web App

Remarque :

You will need to have publisher/publish permissions to use the app. This is required to create projects and layers.

This process shows you how to access the web app.

  1. Portal members who are licensed to use Business Analyst Web App can access it through the Apps button Apps button in the header of the portal website.
  2. To access the web app click through to Gallery > My Organization Featured Content > Filter by Apps > Web.

    The following web app icon appears:

    Business Analyst web app

  3. Click on Business Analyst Web App icon to launch the app.

    Portal sign in

  4. Sign in with a user that has been granted a license.

You can bookmark the app url for easier access:

  • https://<>/WebAdaptor/apps/BA

Compatibility with ArcGIS Enterprise

The following table indicates supported versions of Business Analyst Web App and their compatibility with ArcGIS Enterprise:

ArcGIS Enterprise versionArcGIS Business Analyst Web App version


November 2022 (10.3)


March 2022 (10.1)


June 2021 (9.2)


December 2020 (8.4)


June 2020 (8.2)


November 2019 (7.4)

Uninstalling Business Analyst Web App

Business Analyst Web App can be uninstalled from the standard add or remove programs menu on Windows.

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